Our business began with one product, an eco-smart pop-up inflatable punching bag toy with stretch fabric cover. We call it Bonk Fit; everyone calls it awesome. We outsourced manufacturing to focus on sales.  

In 2018, we invested in our own production facility.  Now BFIT540 is home to the latest dye sublimation and latex printing technology, fabrication shop, sewing operation, and extensive collection of specialty textiles, including REPREVE recycled polyester, stretch blends, non-woven, cling films and more. BFIT540 is partnered with Unifi, the world’s leading provider of recycled fibers, to bring our corporate clients sustainable alternatives with certified reporting to measure ecological impact.

My name is Donna Brin, founder of BFIT540. I approach business as I do life, with purpose and empowerment. That’s why we work closely with Vocational Rehabilitation to hire people with disabilities and Horry County School District to donate our printed paper for reuse in classrooms. Being deliberate about supporting women-owned business puts power behind action.  Even if you’re not a woman, it’s not difficult to see the importance of supporting people who do good, regardless of gender, race, and disability, so this world is shaped in a way that all people may contribute.

The meaning of our name … there are 360 degrees in a circle, a flat 2-dimensional shape.  At 540 degrees, an object breaks the plane and becomes 3-D.  

At BFIT540, we bring depth … the depth our world needs to see.